After a fairly busy couple of days Mistress "returned" today and we got to spend a little bit of time together in-world.

A priority was to work on knocking something off my allowance payment list. Given that things have being building up, especially given the rather interrupted week we've had this week, Mistress was spoilt for choice. Looking over the list she decided to go with "Wear a vehicle (and outfit) of your Domme’s choice for 7 hours".

Mistress decided on my fully clear latex catsuit and, initially, decided upon a hover bike that I've had in my inventory for a very long time (one with is a very firm favourite of hers). Sadly though we realised that it doesn't have a timer so locking it for just 7 hours of in-world time wouldn't be possible. So, instead, she swapped that for something we know does have a timer...

The Z&A Quadcopter.

At this point I did a rather foolish thing. While we were talking about the idea of wearable and lockable vehicles (I keep thinking I should look at making at least another one) I joked that it would be a good mix, one time, with the Z&A Walkabout, forcing a "flyabout". Not only did Mistress think this was a brilliant idea, she reminded me that I also had "Go walkabout, in an outfit of your Domme’s choice, for 2 hours". No sooner had she mentioned this than...

...I was dropped over on Zindra. Mistress set the Walkabout HUD to 2 hours, a short loitering time (I forget what now -- I think 2 minutes), a max of 30 minutes in one single region and a region memory of, I think she said, 30 regions. Technically I guess she cheated herself out of one of the "outfits of her choice" by combining the two like this (I did change into a thong so I wouldn't have been travelling around with manly parts showing) but she seemed happy enough with the outcome.

At which point she wished me a goodnight and headed home, leaving me to revisit places I have been before, but from a slightly different angle, with an extra degree or 2 of freedom of movement (and without the bane helmet windlight setting, which is normally how I've experienced this part of the grid).

I've saved some photos from the journey that followed in an album on imgur. Here's a few highlights from it:

All in all it was a fun couple of hours. Meanwhile, I'd knocked a couple of hours off the seven hours I'm to be locked on the quadcopter.

The downside about being locked like that for 7 hours is that Mistress has decided that, because it's one of my creations, I should "enjoy" the the restrictions that it comes out of the box with. Never mind that I make it so people can tweak and change the (always approriate) restrictions, no, Mistress has decided that because I made it she'll go with what I set as the default.

In this, for obvious reasons, I made it so that you can't touch objects more than 1.5m away from you. So no building for me tonight!

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