Out of the butterfly, but it gets worse...

Today was the day Mistress was to let me out of the latex butterfly outfit. And, when we went in-world, she did.

Once I was unlocked I got changed into something a little more casual and put my cuffs back on so Mistress could lock them. It was rather nice to have the freedom to change and to walk around at a normal pace again.

It didn't last long though. As I was getting changed Mistress was looking over the payment list and deciding on what she'd collect on next. Soon she announced that she was collecting one I've being dreading ever since it came up: 5 hours of in-world time denied any form of touch!

So, off came my cuffs again and, as I did, I made a special request: if I was going to be denied touch for so long, which also means I'd be denied any ability to edit anything (and so no building), could I please be locked in my MD ballet boots so I could use the time to carry on training them? Mistress was more than happy to oblige. So, with her choice of mittens pulled out of inventory (in this case the MD ones which I bought the other week to complete the MD set) and with a catsuit that made sense too...

...I was all set. Given that I wouldn't be able to open doors, and given that sitting would be very tricky (I can, just, sit on objects if I'm really close to them and I sit from the object's context menu), Mistress then asked where I'd prefer to be left. Given that our garden gate can be nudged open I asked to be left in the front garden. That way I'd have the run of the region so I could totter around in my boots.

So, this is me for the next 5 hours (I'm about 1/2 way through as of the time of writing), locked up so all I can do is wander around the region, levelling up my boots.

Thing is, Mistress as locked me such that I can't touch my own attachments. Because of this I have no way of knowing exactly how much time I have left, or how the training is going in my boots! When I pointed this out to her she just gave that laugh.

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