Last night, after I finally got out of the mittens, I set about a job I've being meaning to do for some time now. I set about updating my collar:

While, these days, most of Mistress' general RLV needs are served by the Z&A SubHUD, we still use OpenCollar scripts in the collar because it's handy to have another device that can apply some restrictions (my tattoo layers are perma-locked by the collar, for example) and, generally, the OC relay has served me well. On top of this I find the posing system in the collar very handy and it's where the kneel I made for Mistress lives.

I don't think I've updated my collar in the (just over) 2 years I've being wearing it and a lot has changed with OC code in that time. So, rather than try and do an update with the updater, I took a copy of the collar, grabbed a collar from an OC vendor and pulled all the scripts over and redid all the settings (which was kind of vital given that the names of settings in the defaultsettings notecard appear to have changed).

After passing a copy to my "stunt double" avatar to check that the position and size was still fine and that the kneel position was good, while also checking that the relay was behaving, etc, I tucked this new version away in my inventory for today.

Earlier today, when Mistress and I met in world, we went into her office and I knelt before her so she could unlock the collar...

...and put the new version in place. The nice thing about this new version is that, supposedly, it can be updated in place, while wearing it, without the need to even unlock it. If that works that'll make a very nice change from the old days of having to unlock it, remove it, rez it on the ground and then update it.

Once locked we also took the time to update my copy of the Z&A SubHUD too. We released v1.6 a week ago and my v1.5 was still locked on me.

So, as of now, I'm all sorted with an up-to-date collar and an up-to-date SubHUD.

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