Caught out

I'm sure it's got something to do with wearing a dress. I seems to happen most often when I'm wearing a dress.

Last night, after the Raven Park Wizard of Oz dance, I had to do the usual mad dash to get down to ground level as quickly after Mistress as I could so that the curfew module of my SubHUD didn't catch me out. It was well past my curfew time (6pm SL time) so I had to stay close to Mistress (she always keeps the "safe when I'm near" distance very small) or be dropped in my cell.

I failed.

Mistress joined me in the cell room to say goodnight, after cleaning up the dance items on the ground for me.

The cell's random timer had set itself to around 50 minutes so there was no way I was getting out before we had to log off. Instead we had a little chat about things and then I asked Mistress for a favour. Given that I'd used my MD ballet boots, set to red, as my "ruby slippers" for my outfit...

...and given that there was a very good chance I wouldn't see Mistress today (I didn't), I was hoping she might at least set them back to black so that I could wear something a little more "me" once I got out of the cell in the morning. Mistress was very kind and decided that, yes, she would set them to black.

I woke up the following morning still in the costume and still in the cell, unable to access my inventory to change clothing until the cell unlocked. Once I did I did a bit more experimenting with outfits that, to me anyway, look good with the boots. I came up with this:

I think I might have to save this one as an outfit. If Mistress approves of it anyway.

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