A brief top-up

Sadly this week is shaping up to be a week when Mistress and I won't see much of either either. Today we only had a short amount of in-world time to deal with some Z&A work and then to have her unlock the ballet boots I'd been left in since the dance on Saturday.

While we were in, given that tomorrow isn't looking promising either, Mistress asked if I needed a top-up for anything. I could see that I'd be asking for a top-up for walk allowance by tomorrow so...

...I got offered a cookie early. This earned me "be hobbled by ankle cuffs and hands cuffed with thumbcuffs for 3 days". It's not clear when Mistress will be in a position to collect on this, or other items on my list, in the next day or so. I fear that the progress that was made to get the list as short as possible has been lost to recent events.

I hope we'll be able to knock one or two items off before the end of the week.

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