A little bit of building

After a weekend of not seeing each other Mistress and I met up in-world for a short while earlier today. One reason was so that I could give her back the keys to my ankle cuffs.

The reason why I had them at all is that, over the weekend, there was a mishap that involved a bug in Firestorm (in which my favourite thing -- Project Interesting -- is implicated) which in turn meant my ankle cuffs got knocked off, which in turn meant they acquired the "he's tried to escape!" alarm hover text that RR cuffs do by default (normally it's turned off but I'd recently upgraded the cuffs and all settings got reverted), which in turn meant I needed to do a RealKey dance with my stunt double to clear the message (something Mistress was happy with me doing).

Having explained all of that to her we did a little bit more work on our background build project. It was just a quick bit of building but it's set me up to be able to get to work on my part of the project.

I'm not sure when I'll get to it during this week, but I hope to make a start. This week will mostly be taken up with planning for Saturday's event.

Because in-world time was in short supply today Mistress also decided to not collect on any of my allowance payments. The list stays rather long, for now.

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