A visit to C88

After a bit of a fractured week, timewise, Mistress and I get to spend some real quality time together today. After first spending a little bit of time dealing with Z&A business (taking some photos that will go on to be used in the poster for next weekend's dance -- which is Z&A's 5th birthday party!) we decided it was time for some retail therapy.

Although C88 itself was horribly slow for Mistress to load (I don't think she managed to rez it all, even after being there a good hour or so) plenty of demos were collected. Also, I even bought a couple of things too. There was a copy/mod blindfold that Mistress really liked the look of and told me I should buy (and which I'll script up with Z&A restraint scripts in the next day or so and add it to my blindfold collection in my #RLV folders) and also a pair of rolled down stockings/socks that looked like they might actually work with a dress or two I have.

Once done we headed back home and spent a good hour or so doing the demo swap thing in Mistress' studio skybox. As I've written a few times before, this is one of my absolute favourite things. It both reminds me of how similar our tastes are and how well we "work" together, but it's also a good time for me to learn plenty of other things about clothing and women's styling (SL and RL).

But, sadly, all good things must end.

It was time to say goodnight to Mistress and head off into a weekend where we won't get to see each other. Before she went I requested a top-up for my TP allowance, which had got rather low after yesterday's trip as well as today's shopping trip. This got me a payment of a rather long period of being gagged (I'm sure the timers being selected are getting longer...).

Mistress decided that she wouldn't collect on any payments this weekend, not only will my in-world time be less than it otherwise normally is but she also doesn't get to enjoy the benefit of the restrictions.

Hopefully next week's payment collections will be for things that let me build while restricted; there's a couple of things need doing ready for the Z&A party.

That and... hopefully, we'll be getting back to working on our longer-term background project. I'm rather looking forward to that.

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