Show face numbers

This is a script that actually started out life as a set of textures, which got made while I was exploring the workings of "Smart Objects" in Photoshop.

The idea behind the script is pretty simple: drop it in a prim or the root of a linkset and it'll texture every face with a number to show the face number. Nothing clever. Nothing you'd want to do to an item where you didn't want to destroy the existing textures. Nothing you can't really do in a reasonable viewer (most of the time -- this does help solve the problem of getting at mesh faces that are almost impossible to touch). On the other hand, sometimes, when you're coding, having a nice big visual reminder on the screen in front of you isn't such a bad thing.

The script itself doesn't self-delete, but it does refresh the textures if the prim changes or more items are linked to it.

Here's the script:

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