Interesting for the wrong reasons

At the moment I'm deep in the middle of doing organising things for The Femdom Hunt V (which is why I might not be blogging quite so much over the next couple of weeks). The job I'm working on right now is making up the final update pack for all the locations, which means making up the hunt objects (a shoe) that will be hidden at locations on the hunt. Each shoe needs to be individually named so, to make the job more manageable, I make a workarea that splits the shoes and packs up into groups of 10. Each one has a platform that starts out red and I change the colour to green as I do each batch. This means I can wander off and get a drink, or go browse the web for 5mins, or something, without losing my place.

After finishing the first round of edits to the objects all the platforms were green, as you'd expect. I then had cause to cam away for a moment and cam back. This is what I found:

That was me on Firestorm 4.6.7. Now compare the same view, seen at the same time, in Firestorm 4.6.5:

This is how it looked in 4.6.7 too before I cammed away and cammed back.

What you're seeing here is, I guess, an instance of FIRE-14394 (AKA BUG-7084) kicking in. It's easily the most blatant and obvious example I've experienced of it yet.

If I wasn't so busy with things right now I'd be finally downgrading Firestorm to 4.6.5. This bug (which isn't directly a Firestorm bug -- the same thing has been reproduced in the Lab's viewer) is too intrusive to be ignored. Heck, in a way, it also means that even the Lab's own viewer "violates" the shared-experience rule for viewers.

If you are thinking of updating your viewer to one that has the Project Interesting code in it I'd strongly suggest thinking twice about it.

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