Going naked until Friday

After working on getting a few new Z&A releases out of the workshop (they'll be fully announced tomorrow) Mistress looked over the allowance list to see what else could be knocked off. As much as she'd love to do the Pod Prison ones today (and tomorrow) aren't good days -- both personally and also because of work on the grid (being in a Pod Prison when a region needs to restart sort of defeats the object a little).

So I offered to pick something for one of my "subby wildcards". My offer being that Mistress lock me naked for a number of days of her choice.

Given that we've got a Raven Park dance this weekend and we'll need to sort costumes Mistress decided that three days would be a good number of days.

At that point I noticed that I was getting low on TPs and so needed that topping up. So down to Mistress' office we went...

...and I came away a few TPs better off and with the addition of "Be a roller bane for 5 days" to my allowance list.

So I knocked an item off the list and got one added, in the space of 5 minutes.

This isn't making the list any shorter.

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