The Freedom Continent

As mentioned in my previous post Mistress had left me "stranded" on a region without me knowing where I was, locked in a number of items, all with slightly different timers. I spent a good four hours having a wander around what I found out to be the Freedom (Micro)Continent. I have an album of photos that I took while I was there, what follows is some highlights.

My first clue was right as I set off walking, but I didn't recognise the name so it wasn't much help.

My next clue had me suspecting that either I was on the Freedom Continent or Mistress had badly misjudged what'd be a good place to leave me.

I did, for a moment, wonder if help had arrived.

Eventually though, after walking for a little while longer, I stumbled on the Think Kink main store. That's when I realised where I was.

Good advice:

Wearing a yoke in a pub makes it kind of awkward to enjoy what a pub has to offer...

While the Z&A Contacts generally make the world look very spooky when on their darkest non-blinding setting there were parts of the walk where it got very scary, not being able to see a thing.

Didn't need this info. No, not at all.

Another clue as to my location:

This lady seemed a little forward:

Worryingly I also noticed that I have no reflection!

For once I didn't have to work hard to resist. The yoke made it impossible.

Part way through my journey Mistress joined me to see how I was getting on. By this point the contacts had unlocked so the world looked normal again, I could see where I was and I could see avatar names and use maps again, etc.

Given that we had a bit of time together Mistress decided that we should explore a little.

At one point we found some underground tunnels that had play rooms off them.

Eventually though it was Mistress' bedtime so I had to say goodnight and continue my exploration on my own.

Not long after the yoke finally unlocked, leaving my arms free and able to touch things easily again.

Given that my arms were now free and that I had access to my inventory I took it that this meant I could dress a little more modestly too.

One thing I was excited to find was an automated bane processing facility. Banes and banishment and the Eudeamon story is something I really love, a love shared by Mistress, so I'll have to be sure to tell her that I'd found it.

Eventually, as I got near the end of my journey (and by this time the gag had unlocked too), I ended up at the Bondage Ranch.

I spent the last bit of my time wandering around the shops there, having a look at what there is. Eventually thought the Sub HUD timer hit zero and all the TP restrictions were lifted and I could head back home again!

Given that there's still a few heavy-duty "payments" on my list I've spent the rest of the evening working hard to get products ready for going on sale later this week. With those all ready and waiting I know there won't be a last-moment dash to get things done.

This isn't going to be a quiet week.

Well, okay, it might be, there's Pod Prison time on the list..... O_o

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