In the punishment log

As I've mentioned before, Mistress and I have a slow ongoing project to improve and update things around Raven Park. One of the big changes at the start of the year was to replace the old Femdom Cafe with the Raven Park Abbey. There's still a few tweaks we want to make to that and we're currently in the middle of the last bit of work to make that happen.

Last night, for an hour before it was my bedtime, we got together to work on this. Before we did though I invited Mistress over to the workshop to see some new builds I'd worked on that evening (set to be released next week). After she'd looked them over and given her approval (that's always important to me -- if Mistress isn't happy with them then I won't release them) she mentioned that my allowance list needed some more work.

The next thing I know we're back at Mistress' studio, working on the Abbey project, and I'm locked in the Z&A Punishment Log.

As far as the "payments" in the list go this isn't the worst. I'm denied fly, touching or editing objects more than 1.5m away and sitting on objects more than 1.5m away for a couple of hours. This doesn't stop me doing most things I need to do but it does make them more awkward.

And apparently Mistress likes the look of the log. Although I get the feeling it's also something to do with the lack of shirt.... ;)

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