Another banished wander

As mentioned a little earlier today I spent another couple of hours locked in my bane suit, wandering another part of Zindra. Along the way I took some photos which you can find collected in an imgur album. Here's some of the highlights:

While I was pretty sure I was on Zindra again I didn't know exactly where I was (and I never did work it out). What I do know is that I started near a bridge.

As with previous wanders like this I decided to stick to the road and, as much as it was possible, to keep going straight, keep following what appeared to be the main route. This didn't last long as an idea because one of the first features I came to was a roundabout with three exits (two if you count the road I was already on).

I chose one of the routes and carried on walking. The road appeared to run through some sort of RLV park.

A little down the road I found a display of someone's artworks. The signs suggested that I could flick through the works and even buy them but I couldn't make it work. Kind of a shame as I liked what I could see.

After having a look around the part for a little bit I kept going and ran into a rather serious problem on a region crossing. The crossing itself was rather slow and I appeared to "rez" rather late into the next region, causing me to apparently rez inside someone's building.

Try as I might I couldn't get out. The door wouldn't respond and there was no other exit. I tried a few different tricks, things like trying to sit on the floor or the door (and even the wall) to try and sit/stand my way out but nothing would work. It was starting to look like I'd be spending the rest of the 2 hours stuck inside someone's building. That wasn't terribly fair to them and I didn't like the idea of having nothing to show for my time.

Eventually I noticed that the plot itself actually had public build turned on. This gave me one small chance. While I didn't have the ability to build myself, and neither did I have access to my inventory (all because of the bane helmet), I could send over the shop alt, rez a prim, sit out onto it and get up. While this seemed like cheating I was fairly sure that Mistress would understand -- it wasn't like I'd got stuck there because of something silly I'd done (like the time my suit time rolled back on a region crossing; that was my own stupid fault for messing about on vehicles) -- and so I did it. Finally I was on my way again.

The fact that I even mention it here means that, of course, I'll be letting Mistress know what happened and what I did.

After that it was a hassle-free walk, thankfully. Plenty of walking meaning I didn't need the gym.

I did, of course, stop for the odd rest.

One thing with a bane suit though is that it's easy to get paranoid. For some reason, now and again, I couldn't help but feel like I was being followed...

While, once again, I made a point of sticking to my no-vehicles rule, having once learnt the hard way the trouble that can cause, I did enjoy at least one right along the way.

Curiously, just like with yesterday's visit to the Freedom (Micro)Continent, I ran into what looked like help. Not that he did...

Along the way some signs amuse. Given how I was locked this one seemed especially amusing.

Finally, I ran out of road, with no other options to select from.

So, with no other options available, I retracted my footsteps back to the roundabout I mentioned earlier and took the other road.

Not too far down that road I stumbled on a name I've known for a long time.

I had a bit of a look around inside but couldn't see any Z&A cages or cells.

Eventually though it was almost time for release. As I got down to the last couple of minutes I stood and waited...

...and eventually the hood popped open. It's almost a bit of a shock when that happens. The forced environment of the helmet really affects how you view the world around you and to have it all pop into full bright colour again can be very surprising.

So, that was the end of my 2 hours, with no protocol violations. A day when I knocked off one allowance payment but managed to add 4!


  1. The bridge looks like the one over which I did a banish wander once too. Of course you can't really know - they all look the same this way :p

    1. Thankfully Mistress told me, after I was done, where she'd dropped me off, so I know which bridge it was (although having found MCR nearby was a bit of a clue too).