Last night, for an hour before heading to bed, Mistress and I spent a little time in-world. I wanted to show her two new products that will be going out this week, the start of a product that'll be going out next week, and also to get her input on the progress I've made on a longer-term project I'm working on in the background. Having done that, before I said goodnight and headed for bed, it was decided that some work should be done on my ever-growing backlog of allowance payments.

This time Mistress decided to pile a few on that would work together. So, first, she locked me in the Sunshine Technologies yoke (unfortunately still not available to buy, if you go looking -- it was an awesome gift for The Femdom Hunt IV).

Next, because she decided I was trying to be too helpful (okay, she muttered something about "topping from the bottom" when I tried to helpfully suggest which of the current outstanding payments might work together well), she applied the Z&A Safety Pin gag.

The allowance payment this related to also called for a blindfold as well. Mistress decided that the Z&A Contacts on the darkest setting would suffice (while I can see around me it's denying me the ability to know where I am, see my mini-map or world map, see in-world hover text and see avatar names).

Each of these was set with the timer that the punishment picker had randomly decided. I can't actually remember what the time is for each of the items now but they're all a little different so my release will be in stages.

Thinking that was it I was all ready to say (well, mumble around the gag) goodnight to Mistress when she announced "And now for the last part...."

The last part was to be dropped on a region of her choice and denied TP for 3 hours. As Mistress was about to TP away I "helpfully" pointed out that it was already past my curfew time and that if she teleported away I'd get dropped in my cell and, perhaps, it might be an idea to walk me up to the cell so I could safely wait there for her to TP me to where she was going. The latter part earned me a bit of bonus time on the 3 hours -- the lesson being that letting her know about a possible problem is a good thing but telling how she might solve it isn't so welcome. So, now, I was looking at about 3 hours and 20 minutes without TP.

Mistress walked me up to my cell (so I was close enough to my home location and the Sub HUD wouldn't force me in my cell for being logged in during curfew hours) and then TPd away, pulling me after her a few moments later.

We said our goodnights and then Mistress walked away as I had a quick look around to try and figure out where I was. Based on what I could see I didn't have any clues. Just as I was about to log out and finally say goodnight to Mistress on Skype.... *poof* I was back home and in my cell. Miss Vila had walked far enough away from me that curfew kicked in and I'd been forced to pay the penalty.

This made Mistress even more unhappy with me. So, she came home, noted the time that the cell had randomly set (about 40 minutes) and then took me back to the region that she was dropping me on. She then increased the time on my Sub HUD, informing me that she wasn't going to let a timer go and that I'd have to serve that cell time "stranded" on this region. I was also strongly advised to log out before she walked away.

I said goodnight and logged out. So, as of now, I have no idea where I am. It's going to be about 3 hours before I can know for sure (when the contacts unlock), unless I find a clue somewhere, and it's going to be another hour after that before I can head home again.

Expect another blog post with photos as I try and work it all out. ;)

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