Caged again

After a weekend of not seeing each other Mistress and I got together in-world for a couple of hours today. We spent some time with her looking over a background project I'm working on and then we spent some more time on the Abbey project that we've also got going on. Eventually though, as always happens, it was time for bed for her.

Before she went though there was the small matter of what happened with my cell time on Friday. Mistress understood and appreciated that it was nothing that I'd done, but there was still about 4 hours that I owed her. Given that I've yet to find what caused the problem (it's not one of my builds), and given that Mistress didn't want it happening again, it was decided that a more flexible definition of "cell" would be used. So I was marched over to the Abbey again and...

...locked in the glass display case with a 4 hour timer.

Mistress did unlock my cuffs (and lock them again in their normal state, of course) and also allow changing of clothing again. This means that I can finish off photographing some products that will go on release this week. But not yet. For now I have to spend the next 4 hours enjoying my view of the Abbey.

Once I've served my time then I can get on with things.

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