Caged and gagged, sort of

This weekend is one of those weekends where Mistress and I don't get to see each other. However, before we had to say our final goodnights of the week, we spent a bit more time working on the Raven Park project I mentioned in the previous post. Once done Mistress mentioned that it was a good time to knock one of the "bigger" items off my allowance payment list. Five minutes later we were down in the Abbey setting that up.

This payment was to spend 5 hours in-world time in a cell of Mistress' choice, and also 2 hours gagged. The gag of choice this time was the Z&A Hair Sticks gag. Once they were locked in place Mistress decided that it didn't look right if my hands were free as I'd obviously be able to fiddle with the gag, so my hands were locked behind my back. She then decided that if my hands were locked behind my back I wouldn't be able to get changed, so then she used my Sub HUD to lock my outfit in place too. The cuffing and outfit lock is in place until I next see her (so likely Monday).

Once I was all set it was time for us both to log out and say goodnight in RL. My RL was then busy for the next few hours and, as I went about my business, I was constantly thinking about how I'd have to spend 5 hours in the cell. While that might not seem like such a big deal for some it's quite a thing for me. I'm so used to hiding away in my workshop, working on code, having fun building things. Being down on the ground and locked in public is quite a thing for me.

Oddly though, as much as I was mentally resisting it as Mistress walked me over to the Abbey, once I was in the cell and the door was locked I relaxed. Once it was inevitable, once the timer had started and I knew I had no choice, I started to grow to look forward to spending that time for Mistress.

So you can imagine how horrified I was about 3 hours later when I got an offline message from the cell to say that it thought I'd safeworded and that I was being released! Sure enough, when I logged in a little later, I found an open door and no RLV restrictions.

I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I was. While it did mean I could fill my evening with getting on with working on some projects I have on the go it meant that the cell time I'd prepared myself for had just fizzled away. On top of that I feel like I've kind of cheated Mistress out of a payment.

I know she'll understand, and I imagine she'll "collect" on the missing time at some point next week, but it really wasn't fun to find that the cell itself had messed things up for me.

Still, I spent the next couple of hours gagged...

...and the cuffing and locked outfit until I see Miss Vila again means I can't do a couple of things I'd otherwise be doing.

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