Another three days

Today marked the end of the week of being denied any form of clothing (other than the chastity belt) so I was understandably looking forward to having some freedom to pick my outfits again. After a perm and pack session on some new Z&A products I met up with Mistress in our house.

She unlocked my belt and was about to remove the "no wearing any clothing" restriction in the SubHUD when she said something along the lines of "oh, wait a moment..." and the belt was locked again. Somewhat confused I asked what was going on and she pointed out that there was an item on the allowance list to the effect of "Wear an outfit of your Domme's choice for 3 days". She noted that she liked me (un)dressed like this and that 3 days would take us to Friday -- our usual "shop for a dance outfit" day. So that was it, I had my belt unlocked for all of 30 seconds before I was locked back in it for another 3 days.

Mistress then decided that it'd be a good idea to knock a couple of items off the list so along came "Be locked in the Punishment Log for 5 hours".

This makes for an interesting 5 hours. Like last week it means I'm denied far touch but, unlike last week, it also means (given how Mistress locked it) that I'm also denied fly too. This means that last week's rather creative attempts to put out the extra vendor boards in the shop doesn't work this time -- this really means that various jobs I want to do this evening have to wait until my 5 hours is up, that I have to find other things to do meanwhile.

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