The list is growing again

Late on last week things were starting to look up for my allowance payment list. While it wasn't anywhere near empty, and while some of the longer-term items were still on it, it was shrinking.

Until Saturday evening.

After the Raven Park dance, where at the very end I ran out of chat allowance, I asked Mistress for a top-up (as well as a top-up of fly). She was more than happy to grant my wish, for the usual cost.

That didn't go well at all. I received another instance of the "Subby Wildcard". That means that I get to pick the punishment (so really it's always going to be a bit of a treat for me, as long as Mistress approves it) but I also have to pick another 3! Which I did. And then I had to pick another to pay for fly. All of this meant that the list got quite a bit longer.

Fast forward to today (although we did meet up again on Sunday it was only briefly so Mistress wasn't able to collect on any punishments) and, after we'd been busy working on a build, just before she headed for bed, Mistress decided that she'd collect on me being locked in an Isolation Helmet for 3 hours as well as being leashed (to the spot, in this case) on a region of her choice for 1 hour.

I was ordered to put on the helmet and change into a latex catsuit. She locked the helmet and TPd away. Moments later I was pulled after her.

It became apparent pretty quickly that I'd been dropped at the Bondage Ranch. A pretty harsh move on Mistress' part. While this might not seem like such a big thing to most people, I'm really not a casually-sociable person (there's a reason I'm at my most comfortable, beavering away in the Z&A workshop) so this does make for a fairly uncomfortable situation for me. On the other hand I'm locked in the isolation helmet so can't talk to anyone (in local), can't see names and can't see very far either. I also can't start an IM conversation, but can talk in IM if someone starts the session.

It's an interesting experience, being left in what's obviously a safe environment but in a situation that's a little bit out of my comfort zone.

Mistress knows me well and knows how to push me. ;)

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