Denied clothing for a week

Today, after a bit of a mammoth perming and packing session of some new Z&A products, Mistress dealt with some more of my allowance list. Given that I obviously needed to be able to work on things for the next day or so she decided that now would be a good time to knock off the payment of being locked in just a chastity belt for 7 days. And so I was ordered out of all my clothing, her favourite belt was locked on and all clothing was denied using my Sub HUD.

Mistress then decided that she'd knock off the payment of being locked in the Sunshine Technologies yoke for 10 hours too -- this means 10 hours, in-world time, denied the ability to touch or edit anything more than 1.5m away from me.

That makes for a challenging 10 hours given that, today and tomorrow, I'm putting out 10 new products and also rearranging some of the shop. That means that I have to wander around the shop like this...

...and rezzing out and reaching some vendor boards for editing requires a little bit of creativity. ;)

It also means that one of the longer-term projects I'm working on will have to wait for a day or so given that I generally have to be more than 1.5m away from it to work on it. Same goes for a product I've started working on with an eye on releasing it next week.

Anyone would think that 2 weeks of me releasing 10 products each week has influenced Mistress' choice of punishments. ;)

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