Gagged and a little extra

Today, after tidying up from last night's party, I met up with Miss Vila for a short while. One of the things she wanted to do was collect on the remaining payment I had from the allowance top-up on Friday. This involved being gagged for 5 (or 6, there was some confusion about this number) hours. So, after meeting her when she rezzed in bed, and helping her get changed out of her party outfit...

we had a little chat while she had a cuppa...

...and she decided on which gag to go with. In the end she decided that the feather duster gag was a brilliant idea.

After locking it in place we dealt with a couple of jobs around the region before returning home so she could log off and head for bed. On the way back she mentioned that the house could likely do with a good dust and I made a joke about how, if I was sensible, I'd pull the feathers out of the end of the duster and do the job by hand.

Not a smart move.

A couple of clicks of locks later and there was no chance of that:

This means, not only am I denied any form of outgoing IMs for 6 hours, I can only shuffle around slowly on my knees (and sitting on anything that's more than 1.5m away is denied).

Next time I think I'll just get on with the job at hand...

...and leave the joking to when I'm not already in trouble. ;)

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