Caged and hobbled

After being released from the hogtie on Monday I've had a fairly restriction-free week so far. There was a quick 1/2 hour of restriction yesterday when Miss Vila helped me test some changes I'm making to the Submission HUD (so far so good, expect an update to be released in the next few weeks) but, other than that, I've been in the clear. Of course, I've being eating away at my allowance, so that meant that today I needed a couple of top-ups.

Which resulted in 1) getting about 1/2 hour of in-world time in a public cell and 2) being hobbled for 3 hours. Now, as with last Friday, the hobble was an issue as Mistress hates to set timers on my cuffs so I'm hobbled until she next sees me. She then decided that it didn't look right with my hands free so they got locked behind my back too.

I was then marched (as fast as that's possible in the hobble) into the Raven Park Mansion and pushed into the cell in the grunge play room there.

We then spent a little bit of time talking through the bars before Mistress needed to head for bed.

Which left me to ponder the restrictions I was left with and how I'd get things done this evening. The next couple of hours are sort of tricky in that Mistress is helping test the SubHUD changes again, and this time she's denied starting IMs (I can talk in IM, but only if people IM me first), changing clothing (not so much of an issue at the moment) and, worst of all, she's denied the ability to see any hover text. This includes hover text on HUDs. When a timer is running on the SubHUD I've got it so that the time left appears above the HUD. As hover text. So I can't see it....

Other than that the hobble means fly and sitting on objects more than 1.5m away are denied, which means that getting around the region is a rather slow process.

Oh, yes, and I was working on an animation for something I have in mind. So that's on hold now because I can't easily test it in-world as I work on it. That though is a bit of a blessing in disguise as I really need to not be making new things right now given I'm getting a bunch of new items ready for release within the next week or so.

I guess you could say that my Mistress uses all these restraints because she cares. ;)

Full album of photos can be found here.

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