In the hogsack

After a bit of window shopping late yesterday, with a view to changing part of Raven Park, I was getting very low on my teleport allowance. After needing to pop somewhere this morning I finally ran out. It's rare that I ever get down to 0 on any allowance. So, when Miss Vila turned up, I needed to get a top-up.

The payment from the picker was.... 10 hours in the hogsack. Mistress gleefully arranged that.

This is the first time it's had an outing in quite some time (in fact, it's just over a year ago since I was last in it) and it's had an update since then. It now comes with a wider range of textures and there's a pretty nice leather one in there, which Miss Vila went for.

There was some confusion though, that wasn't cleared up by the notecard that comes with it either. The last time I was locked into this I was locked until Mistress released me -- no timer. This time it was with a timer. What isn't made clear (and we still don't know) is if the timer is RL (counts down no matter if I'm logged in or not) or SL (only counts down when I'm logged in). What was even odder, and a source of much annoyance for Mistress, was that she couldn't set the time to what she wanted. Seems you can only select from a pre-set number of times, you can't "dial in" a time of your choice as most restraints would allow.

I was supposed to be locked in for 10 hours, the nearest options were for 6 or 12. As you might well imagine Mistress decided that 12 was closer to 10 than 6 and went with that.

Now that it's locked on I'm denied fly and far touch. I'm also forced to shuffle around on the floor very slowly. Any sort of step is difficult if not impossible to get up so I have to be very careful where I go or I might get stuck. Getting up the step in the house so I could get to the transport pad that takes me to the workshop was amazing effort and needed Miss Vila's help.

I finally made it to the workshop but now I'm wondering if it's possible that I'll end up getting stuck there!

Not knowing if I'm out 12 hours after it was locked, or after 12 hours in-world, makes it all the more.... interesting.

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