A very quiet hour

The weekend just gone has been a really busy weekend. The project that started with a bunch of cubes back in very late October last year finally turned into a release and then, that evening, there was the Raven Park dance. Yesterday was also spent working on a bunch of catch-up admin stuff that needed doing and had sort of got put on hold as I ploughed through the business of making and updating Marketplace and CasperVend listings.

And then there was the trip around malls and places to ensure that all the vendor boards had updated just fine given how many changes I'd made. Which also meant that I used up rather a lot of TPs. In fact I got down to my very last one. If I'd used that I'd have had to use the emergency TP button to get to my home location, which would have dropped me in my cell.

Thankfully I just got to see Miss Vila briefly and she topped up TPs, after I'd used the Punishment Picker to select a payment, of course. This time it was to spent an hour locked in an Isolation Helmet. Given that a brand new Isolation Helmet was one of this weekend's releases I was told we'd use that.

And, so, I get to spent the next hour of in-world time in a very dark and spooky environment:

That's looking out over the region, at the front of our house, during daytime. Looking back at myself, with the house behind me, also gives a great feel for just how dark the environment is:

On top of that the default restrictions are pretty harsh. Even Mistress commented on how harsh I'd made them. I can't edit, get at my inventory, see names, see hover text, talk, etc... While I can read incoming IMs (including group chat) I can't respond.

This is going to be a very quiet hour. At least it's only an hour. Not that Miss Vila shares that view. While she was impressed with how harsh the default restrictions were she was just a touch annoyed that the random time chosen by the Punishment Picker was just 1 hour.

Which, of course, is why she kept it on the defaults. (Between you and me I'm surprised she didn't deny incoming IMs too)

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