Goodbye to The Forum

Regions come and go. Even in my relatively short time time as a very active SL user I've seen this happen, and have been directly affected by this happening, more than once. My first RLV-oriented playground of choice (and home) no longer exists on the Lab's grid, and even Raven Park is the result of a previous region ceasing to be what it was.

But, even though I'm used to the idea, I'm still a little saddened to see that the Forum is closing in the next day or so, along with the stables. While I never spent a significant amount of time over there it did play a small but important part in me learning about an aspect of BDSM that I'd never encountered before, that I was apprehensive about, that Miss Vila guided me into and which I really got into and still really enjoy (even if I rarely get the opportunity to enjoy it): pony play.

When Miss Vila first introduced me to this we did some training over there so I'll always associate the build with learning something that was very alien to me. And when I spent a bit of time as Miss Vila's pony again last year we headed right back over there for a couple of sessions of wandering around and enjoying the view. Sadly I don't seem to have any good photos from the first time over there, but here's three shots of us last year, enjoying the build:

I hope the reason for the closure isn't too unfortunate, and that those who called it home can find somewhere else that suits their needs. While I was a very infrequent visitor there I do feel that the grid will be missing one more great build.

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