Now it gets serious

Ever since the allowance payment system -- the thing where I have to pick an item from Miss Vila's copy of the Z&A Punishment Picker -- has been in place Mistress has being complaining that most of the list inside the book reads like a fun wishlist of mine. She's not wrong, to a point. When I made the first Punishment Picker I created a sample punishment list for it, the idea being that people should/will edit it to write their own. The sample list I came up with was heavily influenced by the things I enjoyed at the time, the things that fascinated me at the time, the things that involved the toys and restraints in my inventory at the time.

And the times and counts I set as the samples were also on the, erm, let's say "safe" side.

Today Miss Vila set out to start the process of fixing that. Armed with a list of the contents of my #RLV folder (plus a few other folders in my inventory) she set to work rewriting the list.

A couple of items were simply removed, a couple of others got a change of tone (there was one in there where I got to make a choice when she felt it should have been her choice -- that got rewritten in her favour), many that she did like got a change of min and max times (and we're not just talking a little number change; in many cases minutes were changed to say hours, and what were hours were changed to say days) and a good few new ones were added too.

Eventually she was happy with the new list. I'd say it's about twice as long as it was before, it is without a doubt harsher than it was before, and while it still keeps some things I obviously enjoy (even if they are an impediment to my normal in-world business), there's a good few more items in there that I'll really dread turning up.

She also added two wildcard items too. One each for us. Hers is:

Wildcard! The Punishment of your Domme's choice.

I was permitted this:

Subby wildcard! A punishment of your choice and pick another ${2,3,punishment,punishments}.

Once finished she then checked how my allowance was doing. I needed a top-up for walk and TPs so that obviously meant I had to pick two punishments from the new list. The first was to be locked in the Sunshine Technology yoke, denied any touch at all, for 2 hours. The second was to be locked in my bane suit for 4 hours. Given that I wouldn't be in-world so much this weekend, and that I'd be dealing with rentals for Raven Park on Sunday, it was decided I'd do the yoke first and save the period of banishment for Monday.

So, as of now, I'm stuck in the house, unable to get out (unless I use my TP allowance and TP out), for 2 hours of in-world time. Meanwhile I get to think about how Monday is going to go, locked in the Bane helmet for four hours. Well, I say four hours, if she locks it with the normal protocols that could increase as any mistakes add time.

I have this funny feeling that, from today onwards, I'm going to have a lot more time where I'm stuck in some sort of bondage.


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