Earlier today Miss Vila and I finally fought our way into Colabor88. It took a while but we finally made it. Demos were grabbed, purchases were purchased, (some) avis were "OMG did you see that?!?" at, etc. Oh, yeah, and neither of us managed to actually get all the board textures to rez after about 45 minutes. So pretty normal really.

While wandering around we saw one avi wearing a pair of really fascinating boots. One sneaky inspect later and I had a creator profile. So, after we'd finished up, we TPd over to their shop. Cute place and lots of variations on the boots available. Best of all was the price: L$100. I did wonder if they might fit me but after seeing the price it was too good to not grab a pair and have a go.

After I'd packed Mistress off to bed I had a quick try on and they were, as I'd imagined, far too small. Thankfully though they contain a resize menu that seems really well thought out (and, I think, which uses the new resize functions) and which let me size them almost perfectly in no time. All I had to do was tweak the position a little to get a really good fit and I was all done.

Combined with a latex catsuit I have from Graves, plus the Z&A Isolation Helmet with the trim set to glow a little, it comes out looking pretty neat, I think:

All I need now is a skating AO and Miss Vila will have her very own Tron-esque rollerbane!

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