New feet!

After yesterday's disappointing revisit of some rigged mesh feet Miss Vila suggested that, perhaps, it would be a good idea to look for alternatives. To be honest I'd not really considered that -- not because I'm incapable of searching for things, but because I'd sort of got used to the idea that there was only really one brand worth looking at these days.

So, a little earlier, I did a quick search on the marketplace and found the "ISPACHI Mesh [Natural Men's Feet]". They looked pretty good, appeared to be ranked higher than the feet I'd tried yesterday, and had a pretty good set of reviews too. So I grabbed the demo.

Unlike yesterday's demo these seemed to fit almost perfectly. The feet themselves were at almost the same level as my "old" feet, no shoe base was needed and the size looked about right. The only criticism I'd have is that there was a very slight tilt to the side, but that was only obvious to me when I was camming in close. From a normal distance they looked almost spot on.

So, one quick revisit to the MP later...

Using the HUD to get a colour match was stupidly easy. While I imagine that I'll tweak them a little more at some point I managed to get a good match in about 5 minutes (and I didn't even need to faff about with RGB values). If I take off the alpha you can see how close the feet are to the level of my "proper" feet:

Compared to the demo of the other product yesterday, where there was a significant height difference, this is almost an exact match. While the size isn't perfect (the feet come with a huge array of size options, these seemed to be the closest match) it looks good enough to me eye and, really, I think the feet look far more attractive than my "proper" avi feet:

The final test is, of course, that they meet with Miss Vila's approval. I've updated all my "naked" outfits with the new feet so I can show her the next chance we get.

While I don't doubt she might have a tweak suggestion or two I think she'll rather like them.

Given the price, how good a fit they are and how easy it was to get a reasonable skin match really fast I think they're a great purchase.

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