Building in the fiddle

Yesterday evening, while flitting around the region, getting a couple of things ready for today's party, I ran out of fly allowance. I generally don't fly too much but if I'm dashing about getting stuff in place I will. The timing of this was rather hilarious and perfect. I was heading back to the shop, the allowance ran out, which instantly denies flying, which causes you to fall from the sky. And fall I did, with enough forward momentum to faceplant one of the clocks on the Z&A clock tower.


So, when I saw Mistress today I decided it was sensible to get a fly top-up. The punishment handed out was six hours locked in a fiddle.

The restrictions in this are very few. In fact, all it restricts is removal. But there's a little more to it than that. It has an anti-cam system which works like this: if you cam too far away you have to go into mouselook for a period of time to make up for it. I also believe that there's a timer penalty too. Miss Vila set the max camera distance to 12m (which she claimed was very generous) and the timer to 6 hours before wishing me goodnight.

As it was, I had an impromptu build to do (well, more of a re-script of an older product of ours -- a request from a good regular customer) so I was thankful that the restrictions we few.

But, even with this, I noticed that I was constantly aware of what Miss Vila had left me with. Normally I'm cam-happy. I use a SpaceNavigator to control my camera while working (and generally) so I cam around a lot. Today though, while working away, I was very careful to not cam too far at all.

Even something as simple as this had me constantly thinking about my Mistress and my submission.

Now all I've got to do is hope that the timer runs out before the party begins!

Oh, yes, did I mention that this fiddle gives me no clue as to how much time is left on it?

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