Some gardening

After my little adventure on Zindra the other day I was very low on walk allowance so, when I saw Mitsress yesterday afternoon, I had to ask for that to be topped up. Given that the items in the list were now much harsher than before I was, obviously, a little hesitant to find out what I'd get this time.

I touched the book and got.... Miss Vila's wildcard item. The idea being that she gets to pick any payment she desires (okay, sure, she can do anything she wishes with and too me at any time anyway, but this makes the allowance payment system just a little more interesting). She had a good think...

and, more or less to my relief (because it could have been so much worse), she decided that I should be locked doing some gardening, naked, on Raven Park, for an hour. So she ordered me to strip and change into a leather pouch and then she attached my leash and walked me out to The Abbey. There she rezzed a Z&A Gardening and locked me on it, setting the timer to an hour. She then also denied my ability to wear any clothing via my SubHUD and set the timer on that for an hour too.

After a brief chat she said her goodnight and headed off home, leaving me to enjoy the view.

I logged off for a short while, so we could chat some more before she had to head to RL bed. I then went back in to finish off the time.

During this period, with about 5 minutes left on the gardening and clothing timers, I totally missed the region restart warnings. While it was RC restart day, and while I was expecting it, our restart came a lot earlier than usual. So, without realising what was happening, I got logged out. By the time the region was back and I logged back in the gardening had decided I wasn't locked any more. On the other hand by SubHUD had decided to roll back to when I'd last logged out. The 5 minutes or so left of forced nudity was back to 57 minutes.

Not the worst rollback I've ever had to suffer. ;)

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