VT new year dance

The snow set that was out at Velvet Thorn all December is finally gone (that's not "finally" as in "thank fuck it's gone", that's "finally" as in "it was lovely and awesome and now it's time for a change") and, yesterday, was replaced with a huge bed/bedroom. The first dance in this new set was pretty much a no-theme dance, just something to celebrate the fact that it's the start of a new year.

Mistress and I try our best to get to every Friday dance that Miss Eve DJs but, on alternate weekends, I can only get there about 1/2 hour before things kick off. This means that, even though Mistress selects my outfit anyway every week, she normally has to have mine decided and ready for when I log in (so I can either buy, receive, find in my inventory and then change).

This week, however, given the bed theme, it was decided we should do something PJ-based. We found a couple of full-perm mesh PJ type things on the marketplace and then it was time for me to go until the dance. Mistress said she'd create a couple of textures and packed me off.

There were a few messages via Skype IM after that, but I was told off a little as I was interrupting her being creative and busy and stuff. This got me worried, very worried. When she gets into that zone it almost never ends well for me!

This time, however...... <3

Not only had she made us matching his'n'hers TARDIS PJs in just a couple or so hours, she'd even put matching quotes on the back FROM MY FAVOURITE NEW-WHO EPISODE!

I can't even begin to describe how happy and amazed I was, and how lucky I felt.

So off to VT we skipped, all matching and cosy and nerdy...

It wasn't all just photos of us, of course (although I did take quite a few given the work Mistress had put in to make this surprise for me). You can see photos of everyone else in an album over on imgur.

As for us....

We went home after the party and snuggled up in bed in matching PJs... :D <3


  1. This might be my favourite 'us' post ever. :D <3

    1. I think this might have been my favourite one to write too Mistress. <3