VT ring out the old dance

After a very busy day yesterday, for Mistress anyway, we finally managed to get together in the evening and, seeing that Purple was doing his usual Wednesday spot at The Velvet Thorn, we decided that going dancing while chatting would be the perfect way to relax.

The dance title was "Ring out the old"; a sort of New Year's Eve Eve dance, I guess. No dress theme was given so Mistress decided we should dress fairly smart. She wore a lovely dress she's being working on and I gave the smoking jacket another outing (it seems to be proving to be quite a hit with Mistress).

So, all set, we headed off to VT and enjoyed a couple of hours of great music and chatter.

Sadly we had to leave a little before the end; a very tired Mistress needing tucking up in her bed. In the time we were there though I did, of course, manage to take plenty of photos of those around us. You can find the photos over on imgur.

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