VT pet show dance

Yesterday afternoon VT held its last dance in the venue that was put out last Friday. The theme this time was "Pet Show", the idea being that the ladies bring along and show off their pet, more or less.

I figured Mistress' choice for me for this dance would be pretty obvious. She does love my pony gear, and I do have a latex puppy suit kicking about too. It seemed obvious that she'd be going with one of those, or something similar.

Oh was I wrong.

So wrong!

Yes, she decided that what she wanted for the dance as a pet spider! And so she got a pet spider, of course.

As normal I took plenty of photos of those around us too and you can find them all over on imgur.


  1. Hmm, rather a lot of low camera angles there, sweetie!

    1. That's because you were wearing the sort of skirt that makes your boy cam up it Mistress. :P