Back to "normal", and the VT "Secrets" dance

The period of enforced nudity, that started a few days ago, has finally come to an end. For the final day Mistress mixed something that, for some reason, made me more self-concious (the boots), with the current "state", plus an ankle chain that gave me a very particular style of work that she seems to love.

Finally though, after around 24 hours like that, it was time for Mistress to remove the restrictions, unlock the cuffs and have me dress for a VT dance.

The dance yesterday was themed as "Secrets". While there was no actual dress code (the theme was for the music choices) I did joke that, perhaps, I should wear my best suit but secretly have some lingerie she likes on under it.

Mistress half agreed.

And so we went dancing.

As well as plenty of photos of us, I obviously took photos of others at the dance. They can be found over on imgur.

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