Not. Saying. A. Word.

One minute you're hogtied, naked and chained to the floor in your Mistress' office, watching lovingly as she tries on some demos (while, of course, being a little cheeky too). The next you're TPd to your cell (not sure why -- I'm sure it wasn't the "cheeky remarks") but stuck in the door because Mistress kind of forgot to unleash you first.

And then, before you know it, you're sharing your cell with your Mistress!

Apparently the "teleport to" option is rather close to the "offer teleport" option in whatever menu Mistress was using to try and drag me back up the office.

And, of course, because we're a little switchy, she has an active relay too. So I had an unexpected cell mate for an hour or so. *grins*

Quite where Mistress found coffee in my cell is anyone's guess!

In the end though the timer ran out, just in time for our bedtime. I was allowed out of the cell too and got to sleep at the foot of the bed. Mistress was even "kind" enough to change my hogtie to more of a form of tie that has me wriggling worm-like.

While it does make me wonder just how harsher things might get before Wednesday arrives, she was kind enough to give me a pillow to rest my head on. <3


  1. Cheeky remarks...cheeky blog posts...it's as if you enjoy the consequences. *chuckles*

    1. I... might not hate them Mistress. *looks totally innocent*