New shoes and boots

This week seems to have turned into the week where I discover that there are some good heels (in the female sense) on the grid that will fit a male shape. Earlier this week I was over at Bax, picking up something else, when I noticed that their "Foxy" boots were of a shape that might actually fit my leg. While it was never going to be perfect they have a turned-over cuff that would hide most issues. So I grabbed the demo and... pretty much perfect!

There was an issue with the alpha in that it obviously wasn't designed for a male leg inside a female-oriented boot but, with Mistress' help (she's the one handy at tweaking alphas) I had an alpha that was pretty much perfect, and so I had a pair of ankle boots that worked!

Mistress rather approved of this and now I've got a slowly-growing wardrobe of outfits that have thse boots in them (mostly outfits with skirts, although she does rather like this smoking jacket look -- one that was of her own design).

One thing I've always fancied in SL is a good pair of thigh-high boots that fit a male avatar. Aside from one pair of ballet boots (from *KaS*, which are awesome but not quite what I want for everyday wear) I've never found anything.

Until yesterday.

Mistress and I popped over to Schadenfreude to look for something else and she happened to notice a pair of thigh-high boots there. Thinking they'd not really work I went to grab the demo and noticed it actually contained a version designed for male shapes (as well as female, of course). One demo-trying session later and I was sold!

So that's me kitted out with a couple of pairs of everyday-wear heeled boots.

I've also started to experiment with a footstep sound HUD I found and that's working out rather well too. I rather suspect my outfit folder is going to grow quite a bit over the next few weeks. ;)

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