Ever wondered what happens when two subs are sneakily in-world (as in, we were supposed to be doing things in RL but had found moments to sneak away and mess in-world for a short while) and Miss Eve figures this out?

Wonder no more:

Ordered to drop each other into our cells! Anna with a 1.5 hour timer and me with a 2 hour timer (no, I still don't know why I got 2 hours!).

So, the moral of this story is.... never tell Miss Eve what you're up to. Ever.

PS: Yes, Anna was in the middle of trying demo hair on when this happened. :D


  1. Just as well a picture paints a thousand words. I don't know which school you went to, but that is not an essay!

    1. I felt a photo essay would work just as well Miss, and the rules didn't say it wasn't allowed. :P