VT black and white dance

VT's dance set this week is a rather impressive dance hall. To kick things off Miss Eve was DJing a dance that was themed "Black & White". Quite simple really: wear something black, or white, or both. Now, black I can do without even thinking, black is what I normally wear, so it seemed sensible to go mostly white.

Meanwhile, Mistress has a busy weekend this weekend and that meant she'd be turning up a little later to the dance. As such I got to select my outfit (with her final approval, obviously -- pictures were sent and approval was given), started out dancing on my own (something I haven't done in a long time now) and was then joined by her a little later.

As for what I wore, what got Mistress' approval.... not really that much of a surprise. ;)

Around this time, for reasons only Mistress knows, she saw fit to gag me. And what a gag to use too!

Sadly we had to head home just before the end of the dance, but having been there most for most of it I obviously managed to get plenty of photos of those around us; they can be found over on imgur.

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