Enough to make me blush

It's curious to observe how we react to certain things. It's no secret that I enjoy long-term bondage, being "forced" to wear a particular outfit, perhaps even "forced" to remain naked for a period of time (all imposed with a good dose of RLV, of course). I like how it "feel" (mentally) and I also like how it looks on screen.

But, somehow, Mistress has managed to lock me in a combination and in such a way that I'm still rather embarrassed by it.

Naked would have been fine. But there's something about that thong and boot combination that just makes me blush every time I look at myself.

If only that blindfold really fully worked...

Thankfully all it does is make my world a lot darker, and also remove the ability to see names and hovertext and the like -- I'm still working on a long-term project for Z&A that, hopefully, will be finished in the next month. How I am now just makes it a little more awkward, but not impossible.

Mistress really does know how to push the right combination of buttons that have me in a state I like, yet I find deeply uncomfortable.

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