Be careful what you wish for

A couple of days ago I commented how the outfit Mistress had locked me in was, in some way, more blush-inducing than being locked naked. After getting back from yesterday's dance I think Mistress decided to test this idea. Just before we logged off for the night I was ordered to strip, my chastity cage was added and locked, as were nipple rings, and then all ability to change clothing or attachments was removed.

Mistress then announced that, with two exceptions (tonight's Raven Park dance and an errand I need to run tomorrow), I will remain like this until Wednesday evening our time!

It's quite a long time since I've had a lack of outfit enforced like this, for this length of time; already I'm realising that it controls what I can and would normally do around the grid. It makes me more reliant on Mistress.

I like that.

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