A timely build

After Miss Vila's trouble with a barn/stable purchase the other day I decided that it was high time that I had a go at making a mesh building. An actual building. I would, of course, be using Mesh Studio for this and while it wouldn't be the first time I'd made something fairly big with it (I've made stairs and other components for buildings, and I've even made parts for a Z&A cell) it would be the first time I'd attempted a wholly-formed building.

I ended up with it comprising of 4 objects in total. There's the main body of the build:

which came in at a LI of just over 7. There's two copies of the door (which I wanted as a split stable door):

which came in at LI 0.5. I also did this so that it had a properly offset centre of rotation -- the door rotates around the middle of the hinges.

The final item is a simple prim floor. I chose to do it this way for two reasons. A minor one is that getting the physics for a floor to work so that people's feet sit right on the floor seems to be very tricky and never quite works out. The second and main reason is that rezzing objects onto mesh is fraught with problems and never ceases to annoy Mistress or me. Using a prim floor solves both those issues.

All linked together and with the doors scripted the whole thing comes in a LI 8 which, given the amount of detail I managed to add to it, is really great. Here's the finished item all textured up, in place and populated with other objects:

Miss Vila was really pleased with it and it's now my new home while I'm locked in my pony gear.

This also made it a very timely build too. As you might recall, I was locked in this gear for 8 days. Seeing as how I'll be putting in some training into the boots this weekend, and that it's unlikely that Mistress and I will be seeing each other due to RL commitments, I asked for extra top-up for my walk allowance so I knew I'd last until Monday. Mistress presented me with the Misfortune Cookies and I was handed a payment of.... 10 days locked in pony gear!

Mistress has decided that the best thing to do is simply extend my current time to 18 days and to keep the other allowances that are in the queue until the end of that period (or find a way of having me do them as her pony).

This is going to get more and more interesting....

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