Back to my old self

After the last few days of looking like a clown I'm now back to my old self. I actually got unlocked yesterday although I didn't have time to mention it as I got caught up in Z&A business yesterday evening. After being allowed to dress normally Miss Vila and I had a wander around Raven Park and considered the next few things we'd like to do and we then sat and made a few plans.

I think this is very much my favourite spot on the region right now (well, second after "on my knees in front of Mistress regardless of where she is", obviously). If our chatting requires that we're also in-world (to look at and over things together) but don't need to be at a specific spot this one makes for a lovely backdrop.

It tends to be that, as you'd expect, Mistress its first and I follow. Amusingly that normally ends up with me on her lap to start with. I really must grab a photo of that before the next time she hits the swap button. ;)

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