Back in the dark

As I've mentioned a few times here Miss Vila and I are slowly revamping the part of the Z&A plot that runs down the side of the Raven Park mansion. We're almost done but, because of other commitments, time to finish the work has been in short supply. Today we were lucky enough to have some time together to plan the last few changes.

We spent a bit of time looking at the changes we wanted to make and then went out shopping, both window shopping (looking at possible purchases) and actual shopping. We've both now got items in our inventory that, all being well, will be used next week as we make the final changes (which'll include a little bit of scripting on my part -- always a bonus).

Of course, all of this teleporting about meant that my meagre very generous teleport allowance ran out by the time we were finished and so needed topping up. Payment for the top-up this time was that I spend three hours with the Z&A Contact Lenses locked in place, on their darkest non-blind setting and with all the main restrictions in place. So I said goodnight to Mistress in near-dark...

...and it's how I'm working in the workshop now.

Hopefully the timer will have run all the way down before I need to get to work on Saturday's dance build. ;)

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