Yoked and gagged

Mistress and I only got a short time together today, but we managed to fit a few things in. First off I wanted to show her some outfit demos I'd picked up to get her opinion on them; I also wanted to show her couple of new products I've being working on. We headed up to her studio to go over these things and, once we were done, we sat and had a chat. At this point I was reminded that I still owed 4 hours in a gag from last weekend.

I also needed a top-up for teleports too as I was very low. So, Mistress took me back to the house so I could use the book to pick payment.

That payment turned out to be 7 hours in-world locked in the Sunshine Technology yoke (sadly still not on general sale, this is the one from The Femdom Hunt IV). This means I get to spend the next 7 hours denied the ability to touch objects more than 1.5m away from me (something of a theme this week it seems).

Given the outfit I was wearing today Mistress also chose a gag that she thought was an excellent match:

Thanks to the safety pin gag I'll spend the next 4 hours in-world unable to send or reply to any instant messages. Once again I have to just watch the group chat and keep quiet if anyone is being wrong on the Internet. ;)

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