At the beach

Today Miss Vila and I got some time to make a start on the final set of changes to the area of the Z&A plot that surrounds Zardia's house and which borders the side of the Raven Park Mansion. The changes we're making will also try and improve the back of the Mansion.

Most of the work involved landscaping, including some rather neat low mesh cliffs. There's still some tweaking to do, and some general dressing up, but most of the work got done today. So, having finished, we thought we'd relax a little and get a feel for how all the changes might work for others.

To start with, we changed into our bathing suits.

and then we went for a bit of a swim around the bay using the recently-installed swim system.

After we'd had a good swim Mistress wanted another look at the beach, thinking it needed something...

...and, after a bit of thought, she decided it needed some beach towels!

Eventually I was allowed up again and we decided to have a mess around in the sand. ;)

Finally, we headed over to the new dock and had a look at what might be needed there. We decided to install a romantic interlude kind of thing on the railing, which of course needed extensive testing.

The tricky part was deciding how best to communicate to people that there's something there without it being something that gets in the way. In the end we with with a subtle sign...

It's not ideal, but it's also the sort of thing that won't show up in most photographs and won't distract from an otherwise wonderful scene.

Eventually it was time to head home again, but before Mistress could head for bed I quickly needed a couple of allowance top-ups. As time was pressing I was given the top-ups and payment (which was selected) was held off until tomorrow. This will likely make for a blog post in its own right at some point tomorrow.

It's a pretty big one!

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