Still a pony

Not a lot of new things to say here right now as the current business of being locked up in pony gear is ongoing. It's not stopping me working or building or anything, far from it, Mistress and I were planning some changes to the Raven Park Abbey earlier today (when I finally made it there, the boots still in training mode slowing me down).

As of the time of writing I'm 37% of my way through level 2 of 4. Nowhere near as impressive as the first time I trained these boots back in 2010, but slowly getting there.

And talking of 2010, it's possible the boots might end up rolling back the the start again. Mistress and I are really due a visit to MD to see about an upgrade. These boots are very old and suffer from a few issues, the most obvious of which is they still use invisiprims. Not only does that make them look a bit horrible by today's standards, they look even worse to Mistress because she generally runs with advanced lighting turned on so the invisis don't even work.

Given that an upgrade of the boots (and the gloves and tail too I'd imagine) is badly needed. Hopefully any upgrade does get rid of the invisiprims. If not it'll at least give me a moment where I can hack them off and knock together an alpha layer in the hope of making them look reasonable. But I guess it does mean that it's possible that I'll end up with a fresh pair that need training all over again.

Which I'm sure Mistress will love.

Meanwhile, this situation has had a knock-on effect on the Raven Park dance. Which isn't all terrible because a) it'll be a fun theme to build something for and b) it was a hoot taking the photo for the event blog post:

Pony rock is a thing, right?

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