Going pony again

When Miss Vila updated the contents of the punishment picker back in February one of the many additions she made to the list was time to be spent as her human pony. It has to be said that that's as much a treat for me as it is for her as it's something I do rather enjoy. It was one of the first things that was known to Mistress but an unknown to me, which then became a very firm favourite for me. Once she'd locked me as her pony once I fell in love with it and enjoy it very much.

The thing is, it's not something we get to do often. The last time I spent any significant time locked in pony gear was a year ago. Hence Mistress adding it as an item to the list of payments for allowance.

For the first time since it was added it came up a couple of days ago. Because other things needed to be done first the locking in gear was delayed until today. The payment was that I be locked in pony gear for 8 days straight. On top of this, while in the gear, I'm banned from the house. I have to "sleep" (in other words log out and in) in a stable. I'm also banned from the Raven Park Mansion or, for that matter, any other building on the region other than the Z&A main store and, of course, the workshop.

So, earlier today, Mistress and I contemplated where in the garden a stable should go.

It was also decided that, perhaps, a new stable was called for. We found what should have been the perfect one on the marketplace, something which would have a use later on (seems like the perfect thing to park the Z&A Carriage in). Sadly though it wasn't to be.

The doors are unlinked from the main building and, obviously, are scripted in a way that doesn't really take care of different rotations very well. The instructions that came with it were very clear though, and explained that once the build was in place you had to recompile the scripts (a new one on me -- it's not that unusual for scripts to need a reset, but a recompile?). That would have been great if it wasn't for the fact that the build, including the doors, was no-modify. You can't recompile the scripts in a no-mod object. So, as delivered, there's no way to make the doors work.

Away it went and the old faithful stable came out:

and then I was ordered to strip and my pony gear was locked on me.

It was also decided that my life as Mistress' pony should be made a little more interesting. See, the boots I wear are the sort that have a training mode. To start with you're slow and unsteady when walking in them and you keep falling on your backside. Walking is awkward and a little humiliating. This progresses through 4 levels, each about 10 hours worth of in-world walking. Back in 2010 I trained them up in just over a week and I've been able to walk just fine in them ever since.

It was decided to reset them. My training starts again.

This actually has some interesting implications. Back when I trained them last Z&A was in its infancy and, in effect, I took a week off from Z&A business and did nothing but train. This involved walking. Lots of walking. Lots and lots of walking. All I did, every time I was logged in, was walk.

These days I build a lot more and keep a lot more active with Z&A business. As such there'll be a lot less walking going on. I will do some walking (for example, because I'm banned from the house, the only TP pad I can use to get to the workshop is in the shop so I have to walk to the shop before I can get to the workshop), I will make an effort to train the boots up again, but it'll be a slower process. It'll likely span a few allowance payment "sessions".

On top of that there's another thing happening now that didn't happen back then: walking is an allowance. Every step I take has a cost. When I run out of walk allowance I have to select a payment from the punishment picker to be permitted to walk more. So to train up the boots is to invite even more allowance payments! And, of course, I'm already doing that because I have to log off in the stable so have to finish my evening off by making the slow walk back to the stable. Which involves falling down...


...and lots...

This will be an interesting 8 days. And I imagine many of the forthcoming allowance payments won't be that compatible with being Miss Vila's human pony so they'll have to sit on a waiting list, which means that once I'm out of this I'll have a bunch more punishments to plough through.


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