After the dance

After yesterday's Raven Park dance things got a little.... difficult. Once the dance had finished and everyone headed home Mistress wanted to try out a couple of the props I'd got that she'd not had a play with. The first was a pie-thrower that I got her (actually, she did try it during the dance, but it turned out to be rather tricky to use while dancing):

I'm not sure if she lacked accuracy, or if she was just excited. ;)

Before I go on, I should explain, by this point, it was post-curfew for me. My curfew is enforced by the Z&A Sub HUD and Mistress uses the "safe when near me" facility so that, if we are in late together, I don't get force-teleported back to my cell. I think she has the safe zone set to 5m around her.

Anyway... the next thing Mistress wanted to try was the trampoline. Becuase I was leashed to her it didn't go so well. She bounced up, I got dragged up behind her, and then we got stuck mid-air as I was pushing up while she was falling down on top of me. So, of course, she unleashed me and that cleared that problem. I then stepped to one side so she could have a good bounce on it, she leapt into the air, obviously more than 5m, and the next thing I heard was a teleporting sound and...

...I was dropped in my cell. Much to Mistress' amusement. Thankfully the random timer ended up at around 13 minutes. Some of that was used up while waiting for Mistress to finish having fun on the trampoline, and then the rest of it was used up while she sat waiting for the timer to run down.

Apparently waiting for the cell timer to expire
is very boring.
The other thing I should mention at this point is that my talk allowance had also run out at the end of the dance. Exactly at the end. The last goodnight I said to anyone had my Sub Allowance announce that I'd run out of the right to talk. So, when the cell finally opened, I had to indicate to Mistress that I also needed a top-up for talk (which was, of course, on top of the top-up I'd had earlier in the day).

We headed down to where the punishment picking book sits and I touched it one more time for the talk top-up. This got me a punishment of being hobbled and cuffed for 3 days. A this point Mistress had an idea. I was already looking at 3 days locked in an outfit of her choice so she decided that she'd combine these two things. The result was that my ankles were cuffed tightly together (meaning I can only walk very slowly and fly is denied), I was told to swap my "arms free" jacket for the "arms locked" version too:

Because this isn't an RLV item, Mistress then used the Sub HUD to lock it (and everything else: clothing, skin, shoes, everything) in place and to also add some other restrictions that she thought appropriate. And so this is me for the next 3 days. Locked as a rather deranged clown, hobbled and unable to fly and unable to touch or edit anything more than 1.5m away from me.

There was a final "gotcha" too. It was finally time for bed, so to test the hobble and to try and make sure Mistress wasn't left waiting I stared to head for the stairs, completely forgetting about curfew. Sure enough, Mistress stood still and left me to shuffle off until I was more than 5m away from here and...

...back in the cell again. So this is how I woke up this morning, fairly heavily restricted and 50 minutes in the cell, with no access to building or inventory and the like, before I could make a start on my day.

This should be an interesting 3 days.

And there's still 4 hours gagged to be done.

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