More restrictions

So, pretty much, this is my life at the moment. A day or so free of restrictions (if I'm lucky) and then the need to have my Sub-Allowance topped up for something (often a couple of things), so I'm marched into the office and ordered to touch the Punishment Picker.

Last night I needed more teleports (only the 1 left with a need to TP to the tier box, and back, to pay rents) and more walk. Before I knew it I was heavily restricted with an isolation helmet and I'm locked in a chastity belt for at least the next three days.

Miss Vila actually piled on some extra restrictions which meant I couldn't edit anything or, well, pretty much do anything for an hour. So I waited...

...and waited, and waited...

...until, finally, the helmet unlocked. That was a pretty long hour.

Now I'm back to just being denied clothing and I can get back to working on current projects. Until the next time I need more TPs anyway...

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