One last outing...

We don't really do "winter" at Raven Park. There's a few reasons for this. One is that what most people think of as winter in SL is actually summer for Miss Vila. Another is that it is winter for me and I like that SL is my warm escape. Also we tend to think that if you're going to do full-on winter on a region it's got to be all or nothing. Throwing down a snow texture on the land and throwing some snow sculpts on roofs wouldn't be enough for us.

And then there's the small matter of how snow makes a lot of the outdoor part of Z&A look a bit silly.

So we prefer to leave it up to the regions that can go all in to do the winter thing, and we stay a sort of perma-late-spring-early-summer.

That's not to say that Miss Vila and I don't like to go and enjoy the winter regions. We do. And today, for our last outing of the year (or, rather, the first for her as it was already 2014 for her when this happened -- it's still 2013 for me as I write this), we decided to go ice skating.

Here's a few photos:

This is so us. Mistress: the picture of calm and confidence.
Me: looking terrified and trying not to mess up. ;)

The cold was getting to her so Miss Vila decided to
use the ear muffs I bought her a while back.

Afterwards we took a ride on a ski lift.
(last alpha fight of 2013!)
My Mistress looking composed and dignified.
After I was left to drive the toboggan down the hill....
possibly not quite so composed and dignified. ;)
A warm drink to finish off the trip.
It was a lovely end to a wonderful year. Thank you Mistress. xxx

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