Reduced to shuffling

Another day of needing a top-up for my allowance. This time I needed to top up my TP, walk and fly allowances. Considering the fact that I was already two punishments behind I decided I'd be okay with what little fly allowance I have left (I seldom use it for much that's vital, normally it's just a way of getting around quickly). Given the way things went I think that was a sensible choice.

On top of these outstanding punishments:

  • Be gagged for one hour.
  • Be locked in a cell for 96 minutes.

I managed to pick up the following:

  • Be caged for 41 minutes and gagged for 3 hours.
  • Be cuffed in a hogtie for one hour so you have to shuffle everywhere.

The problem with the last one is that, with the cuffs I have, it's not possible to set a timer for a pose/animation/bind. When the timer runs out they unlock -- and Miss Vila isn't very keen on my cuffs being unlocked (to be honest, neither am I -- I almost see them as equal to my collar in terms of being part of me). So it was agreed that I'll be locked like that until I next see her.

So this is me right now:

I'm the one on the right of the picture
I also had a pretty stupid moment when Miss applied the gag. She set the timer and asked "is it counting down?" I noticed that she'd set it to three hours and pointed this out, saying it was only supposed to be set for one. "Oh," she said, "I think you'll find I did get it wrong, it's supposed to be set to four." That's when I realised that I'd not read "caged for 41 minutes and gagged for 3 hours" and had only seen the first part.

If I'd just kept my big mouth shut....

I'm so glad I decided I didn't need more fly. It's not like I could make use of it right now.

And I still have the cell time outstanding...

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